For the economical as well as ecological future of Europe it is widely agreed upon that energy savings as well as energy management are ground challenges. Since almost 50 % of the used energy worldwide is electric energy, it is of highest importance to distribute and use electric energy in the most efficient manner that is technologically possible. In this regard, power electronics is the key to generate, distribute and use electric energy and serious efforts are required to enhance the efficiency of power electronic systems and components.

Main Objective: YESvGaN targets a transistor technology providing the performance at high power levels of SiC at the cost of silicon. The present proposal therefore aims towards developing a new class of vertical GaN (vGaN) MOSFETs called vertical membrane GaN transistors.

UVEG contributes to five WPs of YESvGaN: besides the transversal WP1 (project management) and WP7 (dissemination), we contribute to WP2 (Epitaxy), WP3 (Chip Technology) and WP5 (Assembly and Interconnection Technology and reliability).